About Us

David Floyd & Associates, Inc. (DF&A) provides Professional Property Management for Homeowners Associations and offers full Financial and Physical Property Management Services.  

Personal and Professional Customer Service through Accessibility, Accountability, and Integrity is what has enabled us to grow and serve our HOAs. 

We've been managing HOAs since 1987 and incorporated since 1991.  Our corporation is 100% locally owned and operated.  Our phones are answered in person 24/7. 

David Floyd & Associates, Inc. (DF&A) serves as the Managing Agent for many Homeowners Associations throughout Middle Tennessee.  We only manage Homeowners Associations. We do not manage Apartment Communities or Individual Rental Units. Our portfolio consists of Homeowners Associations which we've carefully chosen to manage for the long-term. 

Working together, we strive to protect our clients' investments and maximize the value for every dollar that is spent by their Associations.  Our management style offers full transparency with the actual bank statements and financial statements being provided through a simple, but detailed accounting software program which we've successfully utilized for many years. Board members are able to review the Reserve and Operating accounts and all transaction detail including deposits, actual checks, descriptions, reconciliation statements and transfers. 

DF&A does not have a maintenance company and is not a contractor.  We are not tied to any service providers.  We work with the HOA's Board of Directors to obtain the best price, product, and service.  We've established professional relationships with reputable Landscape Companies, Pool Services, Electricians, Pest Control Companies, Elevator Operators, Fire Safety/Security Companies, Plumbers, Roofers, Pavers, Welders, Painters, Engineers, CPA Firms, and Local Banks which are routinely utilized on behalf of the HOAs which we manage.

David Floyd & Associates, Inc. has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.