About Us

David Floyd & Associates, Inc. (DF&A) provides Professional Property Management for Homeowners Associations and offers full Financial and Physical Property Management Services.  

Personal and Professional Customer Service through Accessibility, Accountability, and Integrity is what has enabled us to grow and serve our HOAs. 

We've been managing HOAs since 1987 and incorporated since 1991.  Our corporation is 100% locally owned and operated.  Our phones are answered in person 24/7. 

David Floyd & Associates, Inc. (DF&A) serves as the Managing Agent for many Homeowners Associations throughout Middle Tennessee.  We only manage Homeowners Associations. We do not manage Apartment Communities or Individual Rental Units. Our portfolio consists of Homeowners Associations which we've carefully chosen to manage for the long-term. 

Working together, we strive to protect our clients' investments and maximize the value for every dollar that is spent by their Associations.  Our management style offers full transparency with the actual bank statements and financial statements being provided through a simple, but detailed accounting software program which we've successfully utilized for many years. Board members are able to review the Reserve and Operating accounts and all transaction detail including deposits, actual checks, descriptions, reconciliation statements and transfers. 

DF&A does not have a maintenance company and is not tied to any service providers.  DF&A works with each HOA’s Board of Directors to obtain the best price, product, and service.  We've established professional relationships with reputable Landscape Companies, Pool Services, Electricians, Pest Control Companies, Elevator Operators, Fire Safety/Security Companies, Plumbers, Roofers, Pavers, Welders, Painters, Engineers, Insurance Agencies, CPA Firms, and Banks which are routinely utilized on behalf of the HOAs we manage.

DF&A is not in the business of nickel-and-diming Homeowners Associations.  We believe that costs should be transparent and up-front.  We also split all transfer fees with our HOAs- this helps build their reserves with funds that they otherwise would not have received.

Today, DF&A utilizes the latest technologies in order to constantly improve service for our HOAs and grow our portfolio with HOAs in which we plan to manage for the long-term.  We build and administer websites and email accounts for most of our HOAs.  We also have a virtual meeting platform in order to provide maximum convenience for our HOA Boards.

Services Offered


  • Oversee grounds care and maintenance to the common area and amenities
  • Obtain bids when repairs are above an agreed limit set by forth in the management contract, or as appropriate and practical
  • In case of emergency, proceed with repairs immediately
  • Monitor common area repairs for compliance with instructions/contract.  Some contracted work may require inspection by specialist
  • Perform regular site visits at the Association to determine potential problems and recommend necessary corrective action
  • Obtain contracts for necessary services, for Board approval
  • Develop and implement preventive, corrective, and seasonal maintenance
  • Prepare annual budget proposal for Board review
  • Ensure that maintenance and work being performed is in compliance with Association governing documents
  • Board to be notified upon completion of all work orders and requests
  • Maintain a schedule of pending and completed work orders and common area maintenance to be submitted monthly
  • Process and review all ARC applications

Office Services

  • Prepare and distribute all Association correspondence, electronically where possible.
  • Maintain the following files, electronically where possible:
    • Copies of correspondence to and from homeowners, contractors, etc.
    • Meeting minutes
    • Rules and Regulations
    • Governing Documents
    • Contracts executed by the Association
    • All financial records of the Association
    • Other files as necessary
  • Maintain an accurate roster of all owners in the Association
  • Notify the Board of all sales that occur within the Association
  • Provide 24/7/365 Customized Answering Service for the Association
  • Create and monitor an email address specifically for the Association
  • Develop, administer, and host a website for the Association
  • Provide payment coupons to owners who don’t use online payments or automatic draft upon request

Financial Services

  • Establish bank accounts at financial institutions in a manner to indicate the custodial nature thereof
  • Make timely deposits of Association funds and pay all authorized expenditures
  • Assist CPA in performance of Financial Reviews and Tax Returns
  • Prepare and file all local, state, and federal tax returns in coordination with the Association's accountant
  • Pursue the collection of delinquent fees according to the policies and procedures established by the Board of Directors
  • Provide 1099 Tax Forms to all vendors used by the Association
  • Notify owners of delinquencies and apply late fees

Planning Services

  • Assist with long range planning, reserve analysis, and budget formation

Annual Homeowners Meetings

  • Prepare and distribute notices, proxies, ballots and agendas in accordance with the requirements of the Association’s Governing Documents
  • Attend and/or conduct the Annual Meeting each year and take minutes

Board of Directors Meetings

  • Arrange for and schedule date, time, and location (if not held virtually) for meetings as called by the Board
  • Prepare an agenda (if not prepared by Board President or Secretary) of all items scheduled to be brought before the Board and email to the Board prior to the meeting
  • Attend all Board meetings (via electronic means or in-person)
  • Prepare minutes in electronic format for Board review and approval
  • Host Board meetings on our virtual meeting platform, if desired
  • Provide the following reports in electronic format for each Board Member in advance of the meeting when available:
    • Financial Statements that include full expense detail by account, check registers, bank statements, check copies, reconciliation statements, and a list of delinquent and prepaid accounts
    • PDF of the paid invoice file
    • Copies of proposals and contracts needing Board approval
    • Management report that contains a schedule of all pending and completed work orders

Legal Services

  • Maintain liaison with law firm(s), in order to insure prompt filing of liens and suits
  • Advise the Board when legal advice should be sought; recommend competent counsel; assist in pursuit of all required legal actions

Insurance Services

  • Prepare insurance bid specifications; solicit bids; submit to Board for their review and approval
  • Review, screen, and process Association insurance claims

Rental Registration Program 

  • Create and maintain a comprehensive database of renters (if rentals are permitted) within the Association that establishes communication contacts for emergencies, non-compliance issues, and Association news

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David Floyd & Associates, Inc. has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.